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About RASTAfarms

In November 1910, my great grandparents, Jeff & Catherine (Walker) Shirley purchased 150 acres of land in the Danton area of Orange County, Virginia. Sometime during the Great Depression, banks placed a lien on the property. The land became the Carter family homestead, after their daughter, my grandmother Mattie (Shirley) Carter acquired the now 185 parcel of land in 1947. Some of the capital was derived from the paychecks of her three sons serving in World War II that were sent back to help the family.
My mother, Fayetta, left the farm to attend Howard University, and made her home in New York and started her family there, marrying my father Kenneth who immigrated to the USA via the Netherlands Antilles. During my childhood, I visited the family farm during all of my breaks from school, working alongside, and learning from those same three heroes that helped acquire the land.

RASTAfarms was born out of that legacy. Combining the lessons learned on the land with the career experience in gained while serving in the US Navy, working throughout these United States, and as far overseas as South Pole Station, Antarctica to develop a holistic approach to land stewardship.

The mission of RASTAfarms is in the name, to provide Renewable And Sustainable Technology in Agriculture. Rastafarms is here to empower its clients, customers, and community through healthy foods, clean energy, and innovative solutions to the nutritional needs of our species and the wildlife we need to live.
Dispelling myths, promoting self empowerment. – Gary Pretty, RASTAfarms

RASTAfarms GYO Mix

All organic:
  • Coconut coir
  • Perlite
  • Worm Castings
  • Organic nutrient infused soil
  • 10 gallon fabric grow pot
  • Liquid Vegetative nutrients
  • Liquid Blooming nutrients
RASTAfarms GYO (grow your own) is a premixed, OMRI certified, organic medium providing optimum moisture retention and critical drainage to provide a scientifically proven medium for your growing needs. All of this is premixed in a 10 gallon fabric pot that prevents your precious plants from getting root bound and root rot. Also included are organic liquid nutrients to take you from seed starting or clone transplanting through harvest. There’s no easier way to get started growing your own. Following the included directions, your plants will thrive.

$45 each • 2 for $86 • 3 for $126 • 4 for $160

RASTAfarms Consulting

If you want to save money, reduce your carbon footprint, enhance wildlife habitat, improve your soil, and/or just become a better steward of your environment, RASTAfarms is here to help.
From my first thermal solar panel in 1984, to the model net positive building project in Unionville, VA, I have been expanding and innovating to maximize the return on investment in the renewable energy arena.
Don’t get “greenwashed” with promises from companies that will bleed your bank account dry with cookie cutter solutions that fit their needs and not yours.
RASTAfarms is here to get you dialed in with the most cost effective solutions for:
  • Residential solar
  • Agriculture solar
  • Battery backup
  • Portable solar generators
  • Rainwater collection
  • Solar powered fencing
  • Solar powered irrigation
  • Carbon cature in soil
  • Cover crops for your goals
  • Container gardening
  • Season extenders
  • Net zero (and net positive) construction
  • Low to zero VOC solutions for your home
  • …and more
RASTAfarms consulting uses a model I used while consulting in the telecommunications industry. To get my foot in the door of Fortune 500 companies, I would perform audits on their telecom bills. When I found charges for circuits that were no longer used, I would get a percentage of the savings. In this case, some consulting fees will simply be a percentage of your savings, no need to reach into your wallet. Please note that this model may only be applied to capital projects.

Fresh from RASTAfarms

RASTAfarms sells a variety of seasonal plants, fruits, vegetables, eggs and bee products.
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